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Types, Prices, And Decoration Shapes Of Flooring Gravels  

Designing your outdoor space such as; your garden or patio with colorful gravels is an integral part of the design of your home in general. Some may mistakenly think that the garden is an external part that may not affect the general outlook and the level of quality of home design, but the way you use the garden and exploit it in parties and parties may put it in the ranks of the places that you need to pay attention to so that your house always appears properly. Therefore, most resort to the use and insertion of gravel in the design of gardens, landscaping and floors to give beauty to the place. There are a lot of examples in how to use gravels in designing outdoor areas, mentioning;
Colorful Asphalt Walkers

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The main purpose of the walkers is to connect the parts of the garden to each other, or to move Gravels from one place to another with it.. It is also an integral part of the design of an aesthetic form.
If you want to get elegant marble and gravel walkways, all you have to do is search for the places and sources of these stones so that you become familiar with the components of these stones, although they are a natural material, the materials are not the same from one category to another, some of them include Wire material and a lot of metal materials. What includes Magnesium and Dolomite, so to know more about the gravel walkers, you have to see a group of works that have been carried out for a large number of clients.

Colorful Asphalt Flooring Decorations  

The gravel floor decoration is one of the most beautiful features that distinguishes the gates of villas and palaces, adding to the place a glamor and charm, as if the place has a well-established Pharaonic effect. From Zlat flooring decorations, you have to watch the rest of the work.

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Decorations and Designs for Gardens and Landscapes  

It is used to make decorations or fish ponds, gardens, decor and flooring and is also used, in decorating concrete floors, garden walks and fountains of various sizes, it suits the shape that you have chosen and the tiles have multiple colors and strange, harmonious and different shapes that enable you and help you,
You can choose the look you want.

Decorating the Corridors with Colored Tiles  

We may have created a corridor to ease movement inside our garden and pass through it, but we must be aware that, decorating the driveway is our next task. If we choose to always make our garden sparkle, use colored gravel, to create wonderful forms in your garden and to create a wonderful overlap in all its elements.

Garden Decorations  

Instead of the usual green grass we can replace it with colored gravel that can cover, the soil in which plants are planted and over those pebbles we do the same idea of ​​the rocky path, but with wood or granite. Also, one of the great ideas for landscaping a diverse garden is to design a smaller garden on a small area in the middle of the garden, the largest and the multiplicity of uses of the larger garden between toys, sessions and corridors, and the smaller garden is allocated with gravel and plants to bear a more decorative character.
نتيجة بحث الصور عن ارضيات زلط

Zalt Landscape  

Decoration of marble walkways and colored drawings in all its forms

Garden Floors
It is used in garden floors and villa floors as a sophistication décor. It has many different shapes to suit all different tastes, and prices vary from one type to another and from one form to another.
As for the interlock, it has different sizes and different thicknesses, according to the effort used and the traffic
For example, if heavy trucks pass on the floors, we use high voltage and high thickness
And if the cars of my owners, we use less effort and less voltage, and if no cars pass through them, we use the least thickness, and this reduces a lot of costs, all according to the effort and cost
Garden Floors
Colorful Zalt floors are decorative and marble is also characterized by its terrible shape and many different shapes and decorations As for basalt, this is installed with cement mortar + sand that bears a lot of pressure and is used in ramming bumps and garages, and it has many sizes as well.

Types of decorative Gravels:

White Gravel (Zalt):
A beautiful classic that is practical and gives an elegant and beautiful appearance when it is furnished on a floor and covers an area of ​​1 m x 25 cm. There are soft white gravel for gardens and landscaping, and coarse white gravel is used for sidewalks, and its prices vary based on the material, sorting and transportation
2. Colored Gravel:
It has become an art of arts in Egypt characterized by different colors and through which coordination and implementation between colors, designs and drawings. There is black, red, brown, yellow and other colors that are used in decorations and gardens. It is also used in seas to protect water and beaches, so it is widely used in Gravels tourist villages and is also used In landscaping and export.

Gravel Decorations  

Some uses in floors and adds beauty to floors and attractive to others.
Many things whose costs are implemented at the request of the customer, whether in the gardens, the swimming pool, the landscaping or the entrances to the architecture, to suit the decorations, modern and classic. To be noted that the installation of gravel is not easy as we see it, but it requires people specialized in coordinating coordination, measuring and weighing. Cement is used in the installation process, and then measuring and adjusting the gravel, finishing and putting technical touches.

If you want to make the entrance to your house, villa or shop distinctive Gravels and different using of Gravel with its beautiful and attractive colors, all you have to do is contact the Egyptian Stone House, El Araby Sons Decoration Company
We can help you choose the appropriate gravel for your decorations or for your gardens, with beautiful harmonious graphics, based on your taste.

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El Araby Sons Decoration Company has raised the design of all modern designs for all those with good taste from:
Decorations for the facades of the houses
The facades of villas, the facades of palaces and buildings
The newest sculptural decorations for facades in its various forms
Fences, walkways and floors
Designing decorations for institutions, clinics, homes and villas in an integrated manner.
Also, our prices are better in relation to other competing companies in this field

All that and more is offered to you by our company with a guarantee of mastery and originality because we use the best designs of the Hashemite stone,
The best and best raw materials used in the decoration work from abroad

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